Syma S107G RC Helicopters Instructions For User

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1, before the test flight, be sure to read the operating instructions “if you can not take off, please do not doubt the quality of the product itself, because it is 100% has been tested and qualified before delivery, usually not a quality problem, if correct operation can not solve the problem, please contact the company for the first time, do not blindly operate, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble!


2, prior to shipment, the propeller is fixed good, get the goods, be sure not to tighten the propeller, otherwise, it will be possible damage to the aircraft!


3, a charged plane steady on flat ground, open the aircraft power switch, colored lights flashing. Make sure that you located in the Syma S107 back of 2 meters. Re-examine the site, away from people, animals or other obstructions. Remote antenna to pull up to ensure that the throttle joystick is in the minimum position. Remote control to turn on the power indicator light, has been officially entered!


4, flight, if there is no promotion of the direction of the joystick, the Syma S107 is still spinning in the air, then you can adjust the rudder trim button, transferred does not spin up. (Such as the Syma S107 in the air machine head-clockwise circular motion, you can adjust the rudder on the left button. On the contrary regulating the right buttons are invalid: If the adjustment around the spinner will turn off the switch to re-open after the Syma S107G landing, launch and then debug.


5.Propeller are consumable goods in the aircraft during flight, the propeller speed quickly, if you bump into hard objects, crashing Syma S107Gs, especially the propeller, so it is strongly recommended do not have many indoor or outdoor obstructions of the local flight.


6, the aircraft fuselage battery factory have a charged battery, buy a new aircraft will normally be more than power, first test flight, truthfully, can not fly the specified height, and then charging the aircraft. Aircraft not long after placing the aircraft charging if the battery runs out a long time to be placed, will cause unnecessary damage to the battery (excess charge and the transition of power consumption will damage to the battery).

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